Samson Wheatgrass Juicer

Samson Wheatgrass Juicer

Miracle Manual Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

Miracle Manual Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

How to Use Wheatgrass

How to Use Wheatgrass

How to Use Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass is grown in trays and then juiced with a special juicer called a Wheatgrass Juicer. You can purchase from us both electric and manual juicers. You cannot use a regular juicer unless it specifically says that it will juice Wheatgrass. Cut a handful of Wheatgrass at the base of the wheatgrass, and place tip down into the hole of the juicer and crank. The juice will come out one hole while the pulp will come out the other.

 According to Ann Wigmore, Wheatgrass juice can be used as a nutritional supplement or it can be used as part of a healing regime.

As a nutritional supplement, drink 2-4 oz. of wheatgrass juice a day or ever other day is sufficient
. If you have a health issue, then you will need to drink 1-2 oz. up to 3-4 times a day.

 Any food or herb taken every day, week after week, will lose its effectiveness. Discontinue drinking wheatgrass juice 2 days a week and one week per month.

The right way to use wheatgrass juice is in small amounts throughout the day on an empty stomach. It is best to start out the day thirty minutes before you eat, or 2 hours after you eat. Start with one ounce a day. Wheatgrass has a cleansing effect and may make you nauseous if you start with too much. Start slowly and work your way up.

Wheatgrass Juice can be mixed with other fruit and vegetable juices. Do not mix with citrus. Citrus kills enzymes and enzymes are one of the most important parts of wheatgrass juice. Think about it. You put citrus juice on bananas and other fruit and vegetables to keep them from turning brown. Enzymes is what turns fruits an vegetables brown.

Pineapple juice is not citrus and is an excellent chaser or mixer with wheatgrass juice. Apple juice is a good mixer. Wheatgrass juice can also be mixed with water half and half.

As with any nutritional program results will not be immediate. Depending on your past diet, and the changes you now make in your diet will determine how long it takes to see results.

Feed back from our customers indicate 4 oz. a day seems to give the best results. Our experiences indicates that it takes a week of drinking wheatgrass to feel the energizing effects. The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore give more specific directions and recipes for using Wheatgrass Juice as a food supplement or as a medicine.

Dr. Ann Wigmore pioneered the use of Wheatgrass after experiencing its miraculous healing of her own body. In 1958 she founded the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston. Guest stay 2 weeks at the institute consuming and learning to grow Wheatgrass and live foods. The Wheatgrass Book was written by her explaining the benefits and use of Wheatgrass from her experiences witnessing the transformation of her guest.

Other Uses of Wheatgrass Juice according to The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore

Chew wheatgrass blades or the wheatgrass juice for sore throats and stale breath.

Chew wheatgrass and apply to sore teeth or gums to help reduce swelling and bleeding.

Rubbing wheatgrass juice into the gums on a regular basis will help remedy pyorrhea.

 Wheatgrass juice can be finely strained and used as an eyewash to relieve eyestrain and itchiness.

Strained wheatgrass juice can be used in the ear too help relieve the pressure and discomfort of an earache.

Strained wheatgrass juice can be used in the nasal passages to help clear and open sinuses.

Wheatgrass juice can be used as a douche too help relieve cystitis, vaginal infections, odor and itching.

According to Ann Wigmore these symptons may temporary get worse and then get better in a few minutes. If the reaction continues, discontinue use.

Applied to the skin, wheatgrass juice can relieve itching, soothe sunburns, heal cuts, scratches, burns, boils, sores, open ulcers, tumors, etc.

 Apply wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass pulp to the affected area, cover with a bandage and wrap with plastic to keep moist. Re-apply ever 2-4 hours. Between re-applications, wash with castile sop and let breathe a few minutes.

 Wheatgrass Juice as a Beauty Treatment

According to Ann Wigmore, wheatgrass juice can be applied to the skin to tighten loose and sagging skin.

Rub wheatgrass juice into the scalp, leave on for 2 hours before shampooing.

Juice a trays of wheatgrass to add to your bath water.

How to Grow Wheatgrass

How to Grow Wheatgrass

Free Basic Genesis Wheatgrass Growing Instructions
If growing Genesis Wheatgrass in standard 10" x 20" wheatgrass growing tray we recommend 12 oz. of wheatgrass seed (1 1/2 cup).
It should take 7-15 days depending on the weather and temperature.

1. Pour Wheatberries (wheatgrass seed) in quart jar, rinsing several times. Let soak in water for about 12 hours. The timing is not a hard fast rule. It means to soak your wheatgrass seed in the morning and then drain your wheatgrass seed in the evening.

2. Drain wheatgrass seed and rinse well. You can cover your jar with a cheesecloth and rubberband for draining, or use a sprouting jar, or just pour your wheatgrass seed into a colonder. If using a jar, set jar upside down at a 45 degree angle, let drain for 12 hours or overnight.

3. The next morning, empty the Genesis Wheatgrass � Soil into the growing tray. (2 qts. of soil ) Spray soil with water to dampen. Spray with water as you spread the soil. If you spread the soil in the tray and then try to water, it will be very difficult to get the soil wet all the way through. Test wetness of soil by poking a hole in the soil with your finger.

If using a different size tray, add enough soil for approximately 1/2" depth.
4. Spread wheatgrass seed on top of damp soil.
5. Water the planted tray with spray bottle or watering can. Make sure the seed is wet. Keep damp for 3-4 days.
Continue to water daily, once in the morning and once at night. 60-70 degrees F. work best.
The Wheat Grass Seed must be kept moist to germinate.
6. When the young seedlings reach a height of 1" - 1 1/2 ", indirect sunlight. The more sun it gets, the greener it will be. A general rule is to water twice daily. Humidity, temperature, and air circulation will determine how often you will water. What you water your wheatgrass with and how thoroughly you water your wheatgrass will effect how often you must water.
If you have a flexible spray hose in your kitchen sink, it would be ideal for watering. If you are watering with a spray hose, you are watering much more thoroughly than with a spray bottle. How do you know when to water? We lift up the wheatgrass and look under the root system. If the bottom of the tray is wet, we don't water. If the bottom of the tray is dry we
7. Start harvesting Wheatgrass around 10 days if you are growing at 60-70 degrees f. It should be around  6-7 " tall. It may not be that tall.  When the blades start getting thinner at the top and pointy you need to harvest immediately.  Your wheatgrass is peaking out. You can prolong its shelf life by storing it in the coolest place possible. Some of our customers have purchased a used refrigerator at a garage sale to store their wheatgrass. It will last a week or longer. Some say, after cutting once, you can grow again for another cutting. Our thoughts are that the nutrients in the soil have been depleted from the first growing. The same is true about composting the mats when finished. If this compost is used to grow wheatgrass again, minerals needed to be added back to re-energize the soil. We don't compost our mats because of that. Instead we use the mats to mulch the top of the soil around out plants and trees. It keeps the soil moist and helps in weed control, and what ever nutrients are left in the mat will be leached into the soil around the plants. Works great in your garden around your vegetable or flowers.

Trouble Shooting

Poor germination: Usually caused by not keeping the Wheatgrass seed moist during the germination period.
Make sure you water well. Check to see if maybe an air vent is blowing on growing location, or if direct sunlight is shining on location.

Shriveled blades: Usually caused by not watering well. Could be air vent blowing on tray.  You need air circulation but not blowing directly on the Wheatgrass.

Obnoxious odor, muddy mat: poor drainage, not enough large particles in soil mixture, lack of air circulation.  If your wheatgrass is growing in temperatures that are too hot and humid, the wheatgrass will rot.

There may be times with the right combination of temperature, moisture, and no air circulation, you will experience mold growing on top of the soil. Cooler temperature, less water and an increase in air circulation will help. You can also mix 2 tablespoons of Baking Soda per gallon of water when watering. If you experience mold problems cut the wheatgrass above the mold. Then wash the wheatgrass just as you would any vegetable.

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Product List

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"Genesis"  Wheatgrass Seed 12 lbs. Certified Organic, includes shipping"Genesis" Wheatgrass Seed 12 lbs. Certified Organic, includes shipping"Genesis" Wheatgrass Seed 12 lbs. Certified Organic Hard Red Winter Wheatberries.
"Genesis"  Wheatgrass Seed 20 lbs. Certified Organic includes shipping"Genesis" Wheatgrass Seed 20 lbs. Certified Organic includes shipping"Genesis" Wheatgrass Seed: Certified Organic Hard Red Winter Wheatberries. 25 lbs.
"Genesis"  Wheatgrass Seed 7 lbs. Certified Organic, price includes shipping"Genesis" Wheatgrass Seed 7 lbs. Certified Organic, price includes shippingWheatgrass Seed, 7 lbs. Certified Organic Hard Red Winter Wheatberries. Grows 10 trays of wheatgrass.
Green Power Blend 300 gram powder (10.58 oz) Organic - Alkalizing SuperfoodGreen Power Blend 300 gram powder (10.58 oz) Organic - Alkalizing SuperfoodOrganic Green Power powder, mix with juice or smoothies. Alkalizing Superfood to boost health and vitality
Green Power Blend Capsules  500 count Organic Alkalizing SuperfoodGreen Power Blend Capsules 500 count Organic Alkalizing SuperfoodGreenPowder Blend Capsules (500s)
Lexen Healthy Juicer Manual Wheatgrass JuicerLexen Healthy Juicer Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
Samson Advanced Series Multi-Purpose Juice Extractor, Free ShippingSamson Advanced Series Multi-Purpose Juice Extractor, Free ShippingThe Juicer that is more than a juicer. Extracts juice from carrots to wheatgrass. Fast and easy clean up and assembly.
Samson Multi Purpose Juice Extractor GB - 9001 Free ShippingSamson Multi Purpose Juice Extractor GB - 9001 Free ShippingJuices everything from wheatgrass to carrots. Free Shipping
Genesis Wheatgrass<br>  More Potent, More Power, More Energy

Genesis Wheatgrass
More Potent, More Power, More Energy

Wheatgrass is the young leaves of wheat. To enjoy the benefits of Wheat Grass Juice, the Wheatgrass must be juiced by a Wheatgrass Juicer and then drink the liquid fresh.

You can grow Genesis Organic Wheatgrass indoors with Genesis Wheatgrass Kits and Growing supplies.

Wheatgrass is the only health food supplement that you can grow at home.
We also offer manual and electric Wheat Grass Juicers.
Benefits of Wheatgrass

Benefits of Wheatgrass

"if it's not in the soil, it's not in the grass."

Wheatgrass that is grown in organic soil supplemented with minerals has the ability to pick up nutrients from the soil and store them in the juice of the young leaves. If it's not in the soil, it's not in the Wheat Grass! The benefits of Wheatgrass Juice include a concentration of a high variety of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, MSM and powerful enzymes, transferring them directly into the bloodstream. Wheat Grass contains most known mineral elements.
Wheatgrass benefits also include high levels of chlorophyll and powerful detoxifying abilities.

Energizing Energy Booster and increases stamina
by fulfilling nutritional deficiencies and removing waste that clogs your cells, blood, tissues and organs.

Promotes healthy circulation , chlorophyll in Wheat Grass Juice
is nearly identical to hemoglobin in its ability to carry oxygen. Liquid Sunshine!

Immune System Enhancer, super nutrition strengthens the body and
the immune system.

Detoxify Liver and Bloodstream!
As a green drink rich in chlorophyll, Wheatgrass Juice has an alkalizing effect, neutralizing acid wastes in the body.  

Click here for the nutritional content of wheatgrass
"if it's not in the soil, it's not in the grass." Save time and money by growing and juicing wheatgrass easily at your home or apartment. Wheatgrass is ready to juice in 8-15 days,(depending on the growing temperature). Use "Genesis" Wheatgrass Soil and know that your Wheat Grass is as nutritious as it can be. This is the same highly mineralized, organic "Genesis" Wheatgrass Soil, "Genesis" Organic Wheatgrass Seed and Wheatgrass Growing Trays that we use in our commercial greenhouse to grow certified organic Wheat Grass, delivering about 300 trays a week to health food stores and juice bars in the Dallas Texas area. This is the same blend we use in our home garden for organic fruits and vegetables. It is a blend of compost and minerals from deep within the earth, to ancient sea beds. We feel we have taken our growing methods back to the beginning. Because our soil blend is alive with micro-organisms as well as minerals, we thought it needed a name. We call it "Genesis". You to can grow nutritious, organic, fresh "Genesis" Wheatgrass to juice at home. We offer "Genesis" Wheatgrass Soil, "Genesis" Organic Wheatgrass Seed, Wheatgrass Growing trays, Growing Instructions and Books
 Sandra Munos of Hot Springs Ar writes: I've been growing wheatgrass for over 15 years for my family and myself. I've used many different soils over the years, with varying results, but nothing out shines the Genesis Wheatgrass Soil. Since I have been using it, my wheatgrass has been greener, thicker, stronger, and overall a much higher quality crop than ever before. In addition to being a great soil for growing wheatgrass, it's so easy too because all the nutrients for growing rich wheatgrass is alredy in the soil; you don't need to add anything to it. It all starts with good soil, and this soil can make anyone a wheatgrass growing pro in no time! you don't need to add anything to it. I'll never switch! Sandra Munos Hot Springs Ar
"if it's not in the soil, it's not in the grass." Plants literally create vitamins and amino acids in their tissues via photosynthesis. Plants cannot creat minerals. The minerals must come from the soil. We have formulated our own Genesis Wheatgrass � Soil to obtain as many minerals as possible to grow highly mineralized wheatgrass.
Information provided on this website is derived from the writings of Dr. Ann Wigmore and is not meant to replace the services of your physician, but only to offer educational information.

I would like to give a testimony about my use of Miss Carolyn's and Mr. G"s organic wheat grass. I was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer in 2006. Over the next 9 years I had several remissions and reoccurrence's. I was always a healthy eater and believer in the fact that God wants me well. I couldn't understand why the cancer kept coming back and why it was worse each time. In January 2015 I had again been stricken with a large new tumor in my stomach along with several on my liver. I was given a grim report from the Dr. which I chose not to believe. The Chemo they wanted to put me on had a high possibility of me losing my finger nails and toenails along with other horrific side effects. Through prayer and faith I refused the treatment and went on a journey to heal naturally. I got better then worse over the next 2 and half  years, but by June 2017 I was at an all time worse. I guess this is finally it crossed my mind, but  I knew we couldn't give up that faith in our hearts that God made these bodies to heal was the driving force still there. Soon my husband felt God leading him to get fresh Wheatgrass for me.  He found and met with Miss Carolyn and began juicing the fresh grass for me. I began to improve.( one week later) I went from not being able to do anything to being up running around going to the store and managing my duties at home. The cancer counts in my blood cut in half soon after which is a huge improvement. We are so Thankful for this amazing grass. I had been using a powder grass from another online source but it certainly did not help me like this fresh juice made at home has. We are so thankful                                            , Allie and Greg Probst Canton Texas
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