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I would like to give a testimony about my use of Miss Carolyn's and Mr. G"s organic wheat grass. I was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer in 2006. Over the next 9 years I had several remissions and reoccurrence's. I was always a healthy eater and believer in the fact that God wants me well. I couldn't understand why the cancer kept coming back and why it was worse each time. In January 2015 I had again been stricken with a large new tumor in my stomach along with several on my liver. I was given a grim report from the Dr. which I chose not to believe. The Chemo they wanted to put me on had a high possibility of me losing my finger nails and toenails along with other horrific side effects. Through prayer and faith I refused the treatment and went on a journey to heal naturally. I got better then worse over the next 2 and half  years, but by June 2017 I was at an all time worse. I guess this is finally it crossed my mind, but  I knew we couldn't give up that faith in our hearts that God made these bodies to heal was the driving force still there. Soon my husband felt God leading him to get fresh Wheatgrass for me.  He found and met with Miss Carolyn and began juicing the fresh grass for me. I began to improve.( one week later) I went from not being able to do anything to being up running around going to the store and managing my duties at home. The cancer counts in my blood cut in half soon after which is a huge improvement. We are so Thankful for this amazing grass. I had been using a powder grass from another online source but it certainly did not help me like this fresh juice made at home has. We are so thankful  , Allie and Greg Canton Texas

Thank you for providing high quality products: we appreciate your information and products for our health!Good Health too you as well. Diann Campbell
Good Morning! Just a word of praise for such great wheatberry seeds. Also ordered your soil. That smells and looks great too.Too bad the shipping is killer on the soil. Anyways, I have to say that's the best looking and tasting wheatgrass I ever grew. I use to get my seed from Gourmet Greens, in Vermont. No more. I will be ordering more of your seed from now on. What a difference and thanks for all the homework you did to track down such great seed. You have a great product and business. Just someone who appreciates what you did. Have a great day! Charlie Wolz East Berne,NY [Helderberg Mountains]
My customers are very pleased with your products. I am having great success starting with the very first tray. I am looking for better pricing on more grass and soil when demand increases on my end.
Underground Cafe and Coffee
Hello. Some time ago, I purchased wheatgrass seeds and soil from you. First, let me compliment you on your products. Being used to store-bought wheatgrass, I was pleasantly surprised to find how sweet and palatable the juice can be when grown in the best conditions. ie, good seed and soil. I did quite a bit of research to find the very best growing method, seed and soil before finally making my purchase from you. So, thank you. I am very pleased. I do have one question, however, that I am hoping you can answer. Say I have grown a 12" x 20" tray and it takes me a month to use it. Is that ok or do I need to use the grown grass within a certain number of days after it reaches the desire height of 7 or so inches? I will appreciate your guidance. Thanks. Kate Ackerman
Thank you for all you do to help everyone with your wonderful product. May God bless you, and may He keep you in His loving care. Steve Bosselmann
Dear Gerald and Carolyn, This past weekend was very busy for us so we haven't had time to thoroughly digest your e-book. We were in Tulsa helping our daughter move into her new house. Before we went up there we were searching out where we could stop and get some wheatgrass up there and that's how we discovered your website. After reading a little about your operations we knew this was the wheatgrass to get. So we went to Smoothie King both Saturday and Sunday and really enjoyed our wheatgrass... It is much sweeter than what we get at the health food store in OKC and what we grow and juice at home. After we devour the e-book I think we'll be ordering some of your soil and anything else we might need to successfully grow phenomenal wheatgrass! Thanks for the great work you do, Greg and Sue
I grew wheatgrass from your kit for my daughter's wedding. The germination rate was excellent. Thank you for your products. M. Heft in Oregon Wanted to thank you for the Wheat grass manual. It is wonderful and the floral pages are great too. It is a terriffic resource for us. If you have any other manuals of that type (including sprouts) please let us know and we will gladly purchase them. Thanks again. Maxine Yunker
I just ordered your pdf Wheatgrass Growing Manual. I quickly glanced through it and it's just what I wanted! With the pictures and detailed day by day info and details, I feel very confidant about growing my first tray of wheatgrass. I'll order some seeds and trays from you soon. I'm just disappointed you don't ship soil to California. What is your opinion of the soil medium offered at an alternative to yours? Thanks again for the great ebook. Brenda Bridwell
Carolyn, Thank you so much for your prompt response. In my opinion the Wheatgrass Growing Manual is great. I have never grown wheatgrass before (in fact, I have never grown anything before) and my crop is growing beautifully. I'd love to provide corrective criticism to help you but unfortunately I can not. I think it is perfect the way it is. The pictures are very helpful and the instructions are simple and self-explanatory. I think you've covered all the bases. The only questions I had were below and I could have had the answers if I was more thorough with reading the manual. Again I thank you for your feedback and I look forward to doing business with you again shortly. Oh I do have a few more questions. Please excuse me since I am knew to this whole process. 1. You mentioned below that I can buy the Energizer to rejuvenate the soil. Is there a period of time that the soil needs to sit with the Energizer in order to absorb the nutrients or can I replant seeds as soon as they are combined? 2. What is the average amount of soil and seed that should be placed in a 10" x 20" tray for maximum yield? Would it be the same for barley grass as it is for wheatgrass?
Hello, I am growing wheatgrass for the first time. I bought your soil/seed kit that comes with the Wheatgrass Growing Manual. I have followed the directions exactly and my wheatgrass is growing beautifully. I should be harvesting in about 4-5 days. I have a question about preservation. I have five trays growing and my wife and I will be the only people consuming the wheatgrass. I don't know yet exactly how many ounces of wheatgrass juice each tray will yield but I am assuming it will be an over abundance for the two of us. Please let me know what I can do to preserve the wheatgrass so that it doesn't go to waste. Once I figure out our consumption cycle I will begin to stagger the trays so that there is not an over abundance ready to harvest all at one time. I think I just got excited and wanted to grow it all. My other question concerns the reuse of each crop. After harvesting the wheatgrass from each tray, can I continue to water and regrow a second round without changing out the seed and soil? I know that common sense wise it will lack the abundance of nutrients contained in the first harvest but does it contain enough nutrients to make it worth while? My last question concerns the reuse of soil. Please let me know whether the soil can be reused and if so, what to do and what to add to make it once again nutrient rich. I appreciate any feedback. I am very knew to this process but am enjoying it thoroughly. Thanks, Chris My customers love this wheatgrass. You aren't going to stop selling this anytime soon are you? Sister Sprout

Just wanted to send you an email thanking you for the Wheatgrass kit and helpful responses to my questions pertaining the growing of my own
wheatgrass. I ordered the 10 tray kit, received it in a timely manor and have succesfully grown several trays at  this time. We have juiced almost
one complete tray and so for have gotten 14 ounces of juice with enough grass left for about 4-6 ounces. That means 18-20 ounces from one tray..
I have 3 more trays currently growing in various stages and will soon be ordering some refill kits !  I am amazed at how sweet the juice is and how
easy it was to grow with NO PROBLEMS !!!! My wife and I both are drinking 2 ounces every morning and sometimes an additional shot in the
Thank You again.........
Dean and Lotte Furlong
Spring Hill Fl
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