Raw Power Blenders
3 HP blenders break down the skins, the fiber and the seed to release the powerful phytochemicals locked inside fruits and vegetables to create healthy smoothies to heal and rejuvenate your body.

The Rawpower blender is a 3 1/2 hp smoothie blender powerful enough to break down the avocado seed into a smooth, tasteless addition to your smoothie that has the most soluble fiber than any other food. Soluble fiber removes the plaque from the arteries lowering cholesterol and helps reverse hardening of the arteries. Okra is another artery scrubber that can be added to a vegetable smoothie that is tasteless and will help pull fat from the arteries.
Don't try this with a blender that is less than 3 hp.
If you just want to make smoothie with bananas and fruit any household blender will do. If you are serious about food healing invest in a 3 hp blender.
The Rawpower Blender is a commercial blender with a 4 year warranty for commercial use and is made in the U.S.A.
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