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Retail Location fro fresh Genesis Wheatgrass

Retail Location fro fresh Genesis Wheatgrass

Hello Texas,
We deliver fresh Genesis Wheatgrass to health food stores and smoothie bars in the Dallas Ft. Worth Texas area.
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Genesis Wheatgrass is the only Wheatgrass grown in Texas that meets all these standards for high quality, nutritious Wheatgrass.

1.Meets the State Organic Certification

2.Grown under the sun.(true Liquid Sunshine, not Liquid Lightbulb.)

3.Grown in high mineralized soil formulated for wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass grown in mineralized soil is more potent than wheatgrass grown in poor soil, or hydroponically.

More Potent, More Power, More Energy!

I have certain routes and wholesalers for our Genesis Wheatgrass  in Texas. This includes wheatgrass deliveries to juice bars, and wheatgrass deliveries to health food stores. And we are always looking for more Juice Bars and Health Food Stores. Call to see if they are within our delivery route and can meet our minimums.
You can call us Dogwood Gardens Organic Farm:
903 833 1024

Genesis Wheatgrass  Juice by the shot can be found at the following Juice Bars. Ann's Health Food Store Natural Health Shop Market carry Genesis Wheatgrass  by the shot or the tray. You can contact the other juice bars to see if they would carry Genesis Wheatgrass by the tray.

Florist, Event Designers, Convention Coordinators

Florist, Event Designers, Convention Coordinators

Florist can get their wheatgrass through our distributor, American Agro Products. American Agro Products have showrooms and warehouses in Dallas and Houston Texas with a fairly large delivery route established in Texas. They carry the 10x20 trays and many other propular sizes used in the floral industry including the popular 8" round and the 10" rounds used for centerpieces. They can also arrange for any special or odd size request. And if you think your idea, on odd sizes, is too bizarre, chances are we have already grown it for other floral designers.
Call the friendly experienced sales staff and they can help with any of your special events.
American Agro Products
Most all of north and east Texas call:
214 920 8405
Houston Texas area call:
713 518 1480

Attn: Event Designers and Convention Coordinators

Call for quotes and delivery options on large jobs. Remember to call at least 10 days in advance for special orders.

Dogwood Gardens Organic Farm

Dogwood Gardens Organic Farm

Dogwood Gardens Organic Farm
4893 FM 279  Ben Wheeler  TX   75754
903 752 3198